Character Creation

Character Creation

This section gives additional details to character creation needed to play in this game. This is in addition to the normal rules, so consult the PHB and DMG for all topics not covered. Feel free to ask questions or point out errors/omissions.

For a breakdown of the proper steps and what you are allowed to do when making characters above level 1, please see page 199 in the DMG.

Ability Score Generation

Ability Scores will be generated with a 25 point buy using the chart below.

Ability Score Point Costs

Ability Score Point Cost Ability Score Point Cost
9 1 14 6
10 2 15 8
11 3 16 10
12 4 17 13
13 5 18 16

No Variant Rules

As the title says, we will not be using any variant rules like Themes and Level Adjustment buy off. If you are not sure about something, ask freely.

Monster Classes

For information on taking a monster as your race, refer to page 172 of the DMG.

Starting Wealth

You all start with 49,000 GP. This can be in coins, gems or mundane jewelry. You can not spend more than a 12,250 GP on a single item, magical or not. Be sure to calculate weight for the purposes of encumbrance.

Starting XP

You each start with 45,000 EXP. As stated in the DMG, you can some of this on creating magical items before the game begins, but it will lower your starting level at play.

Character Creation

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Character Creation

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