Test your D&D 3.5 Knowledge!

You might be rusty or new to D&D 3.5, but this game will require an advanced knowledge of the rules. The purpose of the quizzes are to test your working knowledge of the system and to get you thinking.

Initial Quiz

This is the big one. The one that will matter the most, in my opinion. This is a rather long quiz that will test the basic working knowledge of the system. My normal quizzes are three questions long, but this one is much longer, so bear with me.

Completion Objective: Complete all questions 100% correct. Feel free to use the books, forums, etc.
Reward: Instead of 25 point buy, you get 32 point buy on your character. This does not apply to NPCs you control.
Method: Multiple Choice

1. You enter and exit three squares that an enemy threatens. How many Attacks of Opportunity does it get against you if it has Combat Reflexes and a Dexterity of 16? (A: 1) (B: 2) (C: 3) (D: 4)
2. When traversing difficult terrain diagonally, how much does each square cost? (A: 2) (B: 3) (C: 4) (D: 6)
3. Which of these provokes and Attack of Opportunity? (A: Casting a Spell) (B: Ranged Attacks) (C: Both A & B) (D: Neither A or B)
4. If you take a Full Round Action, do you get a 5-Foot move for free? (A: Yes) (B: No) (C: Conditional)
5. What happens when you roll a 1 on an attack? (A: Take Damage) (B: Drop Weapon) (C: Opponents eligible make an Attack of Opportunity) (D: Automatically Miss)
6. When throwing a splash item, what is the AC of the intersection? (A: Lowest of the adjacent enemies) (B: Highest of adjacent enemies) (C: Average of the adjacent enemies) (D: 5)
7. How much do you heal naturally each day? (A: Your Character Level in HP) (B: Your ECL in HP) (C: Your total HD in HP) (D: 2 x Your Character Level in HP)
8. Are you eligible to be granted an Attack of Opportunity if the defender has cover relative to you? (A: Yes) (B: No) (C: Conditional)

Bonus Question:
Answer this correctly and you start with a free Heward’s Handy Haversack!

What is the difference between an Ability Penalty and Ability Damage?
A: Ability Penalties are temporary.
B: Ability Damage does more than Ability Penalties.
C: A & Ability Damage can drop an Ability below 1.
D: B & Ability Damage doesn’t heal over time.

Session 1 Quiz

Complete this quiz to adjust your gold by two levels for the purpose of equipping your character! Normally you start with 49,000 GP at tenth level. If you do the quiz, you get 88,000 GP at tenth level! Huzzah!

1. Paladins at 4th level can turn undead as if they were a Cleric of _____ levels lower. Fill in the blank.

2. How do spell components work? Choose a letter below. (hint, read page 174 of the PHB)
A. You have to buy each component and keep track of what is consumed by use
B. Buy a component pouch and only track the expensive ones
C. Buy a component pouch and track only those components with a cost listed

3. An opponent who is immune to critical attacks is immune to backstab as well. True or False?

Bonus Question! Get this right for a Handy Haversack!

My character rolls 1d8+4 for damage. The bonus is solely from Strength. The critical multiplier is x3. Not only do I get a threat, but I managed to critically hit an applicable monster. What do I roll for damage? I just want the dice formula, not any rolls. In case of there is confusion, I want it in this format: XdY+Z or A*XdY+Z

Session 2 Quiz

Complete the quiz to earn an extra 20% EXP for Session 1.

1. I am a level 18 Wizard who casts the spell Dispel Magic on a creature. I have no special bonuses to dispel. My roll is 1d20 + ___? Fill in the blank.

2. What 0-Level Brd/Clr/Drd/Wiz/Sor spell will completely repair minor damage to objects?

3. Can a non-Rogue character use Search to find a magical trap? Yes or No answer only.

Bonus question for a free reroll on any roll.

The answer to number 2 is limited to small cracks and damage. What spell can repair the object regardless of the damage?

Session 3 Quiz

Answer these for an extra 20% EXP bonus to Session 2 EXP.

1. What is the normal climbing speed of a creature? 1/__ their speed. Fill in the blank.

2. If you are currently climbing and take damage, you have to make a Climb check versus the DC of the slope/wall. True or False?

3. Failing a climb check means you automatically fall. True or False?

Bonus question for a free reroll next session:

If the climb DC is 15, what is the DC to catch a falling ally?

Session 4 Quiz

Answer these for an extra 20% EXP bonus to Session 3 EXP.

1. Some creatures have natural Spell Resistance. What is a level 8 Drow’s SR? Just the number please. (Not in PHB)

2. In order to succeed against Spell Resistance you make a roll of 1d20 + _____. Fill in the blank.

3. Choose the right options below for the Grappled condition:
Does/Does Not threaten squares.
Does/Does Not get Dexterity to AC against those he is not grappling.
You Do/Do Not have to make a touch attack before the grapple check.

Bonus Question for a free re-roll next session:

When you summon a creature using Summon Monster I-IX, the spell means it gets to act immediately. Does this mean it gets a standard action to attack only or does it get a normal Turn’s worth of Actions? Just a brief answer, not a long explanation.

Session 5 Quiz

Answer these for an extra 20% EXP bonus to Session 4 EXP.

1. When you have to roll versus a DC and get the exact same number as the DC, did you succeed? Choose Yes or No.

2. If a standard rule and an explicitly stated rule (i.e. spells, feats) contradict each other, which one wins? (This uses the assumption that both the standard rule and explicit are from printed, allowed books.)
Choose standard or explicit.

3. Is death permanent?
Choose Yes or No.

Bonus Question for a free re-roll next session:

Can you ressurect a vampire?

Session 6 Quiz

Answer these for an extra 20% EXP bonus to Session 5 EXP.

1. When you have 2 Domains, how many Domain spells are you allowed to choose for each spell level slot?

2. When you get a confirmed critical hit on an attack that adds sneak attack damage, do you double the sneak attack damage?

3. Can you heal Temporary HP?

Bonus Question for a free re-roll next session:

When assuming a template like Vampire or Lich, do you get the listed bonuses immediately?

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