City of the Spider Queen

A meeting with Randal Morn


You have received an urgent summons to the hall of Lord Randal Morn, ruler of Daggerdale. Randal Morn has governed the war-torn dale for more than four years now. Under his wise guidance, much of the damage done by the decades-long Zhent occupation has been repaired, and the folk of Daggerdale have begun to prosper again. The heroic story of Randal Morn’s resistance against the Zhents and the restoration of his throne is widely known throughout the Dalelands. The Lord of Daggerdale does not stand on ceremony, and he personally greets you at the doors of his hall. Leading you to a comfortable study lined with bookshelves, he calls for refreshments. “I thank you for coming so quickly,” he begins. “I’d heard that your company was passing through the area, and you have a reputation as courageous problem-solvers. Well, I think I have a problem that needs solving.

“Seven days ago, a band of drow raided several farms and freeholds about 10 miles south of here. A number of people were killed, and the marauders caused much damage. Local militia tracked the drow band to the vicinity of an old set of crypts on the western edge of the Dagger Hills. Rumor has it that those crypts conceal an entrance to the Underdark. “Three nights ago, the drow raiders returned and caused even more damage. I think the time has come for some experienced
and capable adventurers to put a stop to these raids. We haven’t had trouble with drow in Daggerdale for hundreds of years, and I have no idea what has stirred them up now. Can you help me?”


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